Một trong những yếu tố ghi điểm cho phần thi IELTS Speaking đó là sự trôi chảy và tính mạch lạc, bên cạnh các tiêu chí về ngữ pháp, từ vựng. Vậy nên, để đạt điểm cao trong phần thi Speaking thì việc sử dụng đúng các từ, cụm từ nối là một “nhiệm vụ” không thể bỏ qua đấy nhé!

Ở bài viết này, EFA Việt Nam sẽ chia sẻ về các loại từ, cụm từ nối và cách sử dụng để giúp các bạn luyện tập, chinh phục bài thi Speaking với số điểm cao nhất.


Để bắt đầu bài nói,
quan điểm
  • To begin with…
  • First of all…
  • I’d like to start with…
  • I would like to start off my speaking with…
  • Firstly…
  • Initially…
  • To begin with the causes of air pollution, I’d like to talk about agricultural activities…
  • I think swimming is very important. Firstly, you spend much of your life on holiday by water, for example,…
Chỉ nguyên nhân, kết quả
  • As a result,…
  • Consequently,…
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • Hence
  • So
  • For this reason
  • Because
  • Due to
  • As I am still a student and have a few good friends in my college. So I mostly see them during the weekdays when we have classes to attend to.
  • Human activities is the main cause of green house effects. As a result, the climate change happens in unpredictable way that human beings can suffer lots of dangerous threats.
Để cung cấp thêm
thông tin
  • As well as
  • Not only … but also
  • Also
  • Another reason is…
  • And
  • Moreover
  • In addition
  • Additionally
  • Furthermore
  • Besides
  • The car not only is economical but also feels good to drive.
  • Besides disorderly conduct, the police increasingly arrested young people for theft.
Chỉ trình tự, diễn biến của một sự việc
  • Firstly
  • Secondly
  • Thirdly
  • Lastly
  • First of all
  • After that
  • Then
  • At the same time
  • Meanwhile
  • After
  • Before
  • While
  • During
  • Following this
  • Since
  • When
  • First, I would try to reduce the number of private cars and vehicles and increase the number of public transportation to ease the traffic problems in my area. Secondly, I would encourage using bicycles more and more since improvements and construction of the bicycle infrastructure, and the introduction of the urban bicycling program is already underway.
  • Lastly, transportation and communications remain major obstacles to development.
Để giải thích về thông tin vừa đưa ra trước đó
  • What I mean is…
  • As I was saying
  • What I want to say is…
  • There can be several explanations.
  • One of many bad habits that I want to change is that I usually burn the midnight oil. What I mean is I stay up late in order to do homework before going to class in the next day.
Để chỉ sự đối lập
  • In contrast,
  • On the other hand,
  • Although
  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • Despite
  • In spite of
  • Even though
  • But
  • The types of jobs people do in our town vary to a great extent. However, construction engineers, IT professionals, fishermen and salespersons would dominate the list, I believe.
Dùng để so sánh
  • in comparision with …
  • compare with
  • similar to
  • in the same way
  • as … as
  • either … or
  • neither … nor
  • In the same way, a good parent encourages desirable acts and discourages undesirable ones.
Dùng để chỉ quan điểm, ý kiến cá nhân
  • In my opinion,
  • I think
  • In my view,
  • I believe
  • From my point of view,
  • To me,…
  • From my perspective
  • For me the innate idea of personhood is a concept that applies necessarily to me, but, Dùng để nhấn mạnh only contingently and empirically to you.
Dùng để nhấn mạnh
  • In particular,
  • Particularly
  • Especially
  • Obviously
  • Clearly
  • These students, especially, should be encouraged to sing aloud the words of the pieces in their method books simultaneously with their playing.
Dùng để đưa ra
ví dụ
  • For example
  • For instance
  • Namely
  • To illustrate
  • Such as
  • Like
  • One example of
  • For example, a brand may showcase its primary attribute as environmental friendliness.
Dùng để đưa ra kết luận
  • To conclude
  • To sum up
  • In short
  • In conclusion,…
  • In conclusion, this book is a worthy effort with a clearly argued message, full of informative and entertaining details.
Dùng để đưa ra
giải pháp cho một vấn đề nào đó
  • I can think of two possible steps. First,…
  • One way to address this situation would be
  • It would be good if the government
  • I can think of two possible steps. First, you should check the terms and conditions of your existing mortgage.
Dùng để đưa ra thuận lợi và khó khăn của vấn đề
  • I believe, there are both benefits and drawbacks.
  • There are a number of benefits to…
  • At the same time, there are important downsides
  • There are a number of benefits to students if they use their mobiles in a proper way. Firstly they can easily keep in touch with their teachers or classmates and secondly they can search everything on the Internet.
Dùng để khái quát vấn đề
  • In general,
  • General speaking,
  • Overall
  • On the whole,
  • But overall, this movie was disgusting, mocking, and disappointing.


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