Những lỗi phổ biến trong IELTS – Phần 2

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Không ai có thể phủ nhận được tầm quan trọng của ba từ rất thân thương và quen thuộc, đó là When, if, và whether. Đây là từ vựng nền tảng cần thiết cho cả hai phần speaking và writing.

Việc sử dụng thành thạo và chính xác 3 từ này sẽ giúp bạn nâng cao mức điểm của mình lên đáng kể đó. Vậy còn chần chờ gì nữa, hãy bắt đầu học những lỗi phổ biến trong IELTS – Phần 2: When, if, whether cùng với EFA VIỆT NAM nào.

1. When:

We use when to talk about an event or situation that we believe will happen:

I plan to go travelling when I finish my studies. (I expect to finish.)

Give me a call when you arrive at the airport. (We expect the person to arrive.)

2. If:

We use if to talk about a hypothetical possibility, especially in conditional sentences:

I would only go home if it was a real emergency.

Give me a call if there are any problems. (Problems are only a possibility.)

We also use if in certain polite requests:

  • I would appreciate it if/ would be grateful if you could call me back.
  • Would you mind if I asked you a few questions about the accident?

3. Whether:

We use whether where we are considering two possibilities:

I don’t know whether to have the beef or the lamb.

Many students have to get part-time jobs whether or not they want to.

We use whether after certain verbs (and nouns) which involve considering two options:

They had a meeting to discuss whether they should take further action.

The current debate is whether immigrants should adopt local customs.

whether-IELTS EFA

4. Excercise:

Thực hành để nhớ lâu hơn nhé – Thêm when, if, whether để hoàn thiện câu:

I’d suggest checking … the person has a permit or not.

We’ll probably move to a smaller house … the children leave home.

Why don’t you come in the summer … the weather’s better?

Some people have questioned … it’s useful or just a waste of money.

It would be helpful … they could give us a breakdown of the marks.

They carried out tests to determine … or not he had the disease.

I’m sure they’d be really pleased … you were able to come.

You will need to show your driving licence … you collect the hire car

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